Rolling out the red carpet at BEERX 2017

After the success in 2016, the continuing addition of our K-series dual cask/keg washers into the marketplace and an increase in enquiries for other equipment Cask Force made the decision in 2015 to develop a new standalone keg washer/filler.

Cask Force’s design engineer, Keith Trenton, said “We are getting a growing number of requests from breweries for keg equipment and the sales of our dual keg and cask machines are steadily increasing, as a result of this we felt we had to do something to offer an option for breweries focussing on kegging so we developed the KEG2000 series.”

There are currently two models of the machine the KEG2000 which is a washer/filler and the KEG2000W which is a twin head washer. The KEG2000 will clean and fill 28 30 litre kegs or 20 50 litre kegs an hour. The KEG2000W will wash up to 48 kegs an hour.

For the first time ever this year we will be exhibiting all 3 ranges of our caskwasher products at SIBA Beer X 2017 in Sheffield on our very own red carpet. We will be on stands 46 & 52 on the 16th and 17th March with machines from the standard range, the ‘K’ range and the KEG-2000 range.