Cask Force delivers whatever the circumstances!

Calverley’s Brewery, is a small batch brewery based just off Mill Road in the heart of Cambridge. Founded by two brothers, Sam and Tom, in 2014, who are intent on brewing a diverse range of beer inspired by the worlds eclectic beer styles have upgraded their keg and cask washing capability to a brand new 200 K-series Cask Force model.

After sustained growth with the popularity of their beers in Cambridge, Calverley’s Brewery first approached Cask Force at the start of 2020 about the potential purchase of one of our K-series keg and cask washers, with little warning of what was to come.

However with the success of sales via home delivery in the first lockdown and subsequent good performance during the summer months in their taproom, they took the decision to order a machine.

“We needed a greater level of efficiency in operations around the brewery. This meant purchasing the new keg and cask washer along with additional fermenters and conditioning tanks. The past twelve months have been very difficult but I want the brewery to be in a strong position when we come out of the other side of this.”

Sam Calverley, Calverley’s Brewery

The 200K Electric model will clean up to 24 casks per hour and is electrically heated. Power is supplied though a 16amp 3 phase supply although the steam version can be powered by a single phase supply.

As well as washing casks the K-Series washes kegs without the need to remove the spears and we believe it to be the only machine on the market to effectively wash both casks and kegs.

The cleaning process is simple and clients have seen massive savings in manual labour and time taken to thoroughly clean returned containers.

The machines also provide other financial benefits. They save water, as the recycled water from the cleaning process is cleverly reused for pre-rinsing minimizing usage costs and the environmental impact. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of not cleaning effectively potentially spoiling batches. This improves the customer experience knowing that products are going to arrive with the client in first class condition.