Cask Force builds relationship with Hawkshead Brewery

With another summer season in full swing and the weather having been so good one Lakeland brewery, Hawkshead Brewery, has invested in a second Cask Force cask washer to operate in their impressive new facility at Flookburgh in Cumbria.

Six years after buying their first machine for their Staveley based brewery, a 400 series standard steam heated cask washer, they have replicated this with the same model at their new setup.

Matt Clarke, Hawkshead’s head brewer said:

“We’ve had our original Cask Force machine over six years and in that time it has very effectively washed and sterilised the casks with very little trouble. It is simple to use and when something does go wrong it’s simple to fix. Hugh Crane always have stock of spare parts and get them to us promptly. As a result I was happy and confident to buy a second machine for our new brewery site, the Cask Force machines have remained competitively priced and I was impressed with the improvements in filtration and the caustic wash-hold functionality”

Matt Clarke, Hawkshead’s head brewer