Caskforce at Humpty Dumpty Brewery, Reedham, Norfolk

The Humpty Dumpty Brewery was opened in Reedham, Norfolk in 1998. The brewery started in outbuildings at the Railway Tavern (now sadly defunct), moved to its present site in 2001.

Humpty Dumpty Ales can be found in a wide range of pubs across East Anglia and they also have a shop at the brewery. The brewery won a Bronze Medal in 2009 at the Great British Beer Festival with Little Sharpie and have recently won Champion Beer of Norfolk 2010 with Broadland Sunrise.

As the brewery has developed and increased it’s yield they needed to have a more efficient way of cleaning the casks. After talking to a number of companies they decided on the Commando Cask Force due to it’s unique design. Craig the head brewer and one of the partners was cleaning the casks by hand using just a pressure washers and chemicals. This process was very time consuming with 40 barrels taking upwards of 9 hours!!!

The cask washer can complete the task in around 2 hours saving over 450% in time and labour and the quality of the end result is first class. Contamination of casks was always a problem but this has now been eradicated. Craig decided to invest in the Commando cask washer and was glad he did as the labour saving alone has recouped it costs within the first year.